Give Back

We at Designing Life believe that beauty should be accessible to every person. The simplest and most effective way to surround oneself with beauty is in the home when order and cleanliness are present and rooms are arranged with balance and harmony in mind. It takes a conscious effort to bring a sense of refinement to a household and a small budget to keep the things you have well maintained.

The reality of setting aside money to create an inviting, comfortable environment is impossible for many families today. For this reason, Designing Life started an initiative that helps beautify the homes of persons who lack the means, so that they too can experience the joy and serenity of an attractive dwelling.

Donations from clients, proceeds from Designing Life, and the talents of the Designing Life team are what we use to transform the homes of our “Give Back” recipients. Participants work alongside the Designing Life team to bring function, order, and an aesthetic feel into their homes- creating a place where people will gather together, cultivate relationships, share meals, and build wonderful memories.