Designing Your Event

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There's a big event in your life. Your child’s wedding. A special birthday. Your parents’ 50th anniversary.

And guess what? You’re in charge - but, you’re not an event planner. Your ideas are limited, time is short, and you’d like to maintain your serenity so that you can enjoy this meaningful moment.

No worries. You’re not alone. Designing Life is ready to assist you in planning and styling your affair with efficiency, innovation, and charm. We specialize in tailor-made events that capture and celebrate the stories behind every significant milestone. 

Your sentiments, expectations, budget and vision, along with our creative planning, professional organization, and partnership with superb event-design purveyors, will come together to create a distinctly unique event with every detail cared for.

Events that touch the heart and connect us with those we love are life's most perfect moments. Please don't miss this opportunity to create a valued, lifelong memory. Designing Life will make the special times beautiful.

Designing Life offers three event planning services that include a series of consultations, which reflect and refine the vision and design details for your event. Timelines and schedules, a storyboard reflecting the total visual scheme, and a list of suggested vendors for accoutrements are included.


A Gathering

Designing Life plans and assembles gatherings for small groups of up to 50 people, for all sorts of occasions, elegant to casual. From a private dinner party at your home, to a small baby shower at a private club; from an intimate birthday celebration at a hotel, to a picnic at the park—these celebrations and soirées are planned with a tasteful, well-organized, and client-friendly approach. A full list of talented purveyors work with Designing Life in order to produce extraordinary gatherings for family and friends.

Customized estimates are discussed at the time of consultation. Different service levels are available.


An Occasion

Bedazzled receptions, corporate parties, milestone celebrations. Designing Life is poised to help make your occasion something special. Melding imagination, an eye for detail, and captivating panache with stellar, behind-the-scenes coordination, Designing Life creates one-of-a-kind celebrations that offer a lifetime of happy memories. Talented, top-quality purveyors team up with Designing Life to produce a remarkable affair.

Designing Life offers distinct service levels for planning and producing your memorable occasion. Customized estimates are discussed at the time of  consultation.


The Wedding

Designing Life creates distinct wedding celebrations that are fresh and original, personalized and memorable. Our services are tailored to fit the needs and budget of each bride-to-be. From telling the couple's story with a theme-based venue, to sourcing the top vendors for quality flowers, linens, music, lighting and more, Designing Life offers full-service wedding planning and coordination. Our contoured service concentrates primarily on the details weeks before the wedding and on the wedding day. Exquisite care is taken to design a nuptial celebration that is both meaningful and breathtaking.

Designing Life offers distinct service levels based on the needs and desires of the client. Customized estimates are discussed at the time of consultation.