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Interior Design

Designing Life believes a home should be about family and friends coming together in a comfortable setting imbued with beauty - giving people a compelling reason to return.

Helping you create a well-designed, people-centered environment is a matter of carefully considering design elements that reflect your taste and vision and provide a sense of tranquility. The Designing Life team masterfully melds the perfect colors, textures, proportions, and furniture to create aesthetic balance, easy elegance, and organic spaces that transition from personal to collaborative and interactive.

If you would like a truly customized design plan that establishes a graceful setting in which your family and friends will want to connect more often, our team will work to fulfill your dream.

Reach out and tell us your story. Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve an elegant and appealing interior style.

Designing Life offers assorted services for interior transformation that include:

  • Custom Interior Re-Design – Designing Life enhances your interior space with special attention given to existing architectural detail and furniture, spatial layout, and family functionality. An inspired selection of colors, lighting, and products are combined with an artistic arrangement of furniture to create beauty, balance, harmony, and optimal living space.

  • Kitchens & Bath Design – Designing Life renews the kitchen and bath through redesign and incorporating captivating products, state of the art efficiency, and handsome material choices- with an end result of stunning.

  • Refresh & Refine – Designing Life is expert in transforming spaces, places, and environments with minimal expense through innovative placement of existing furniture, updated color palette, room accessorizing, and an emphasis on details to create up-to-date elegance.

  • Spacial Planning – Designing Life sees beyond what exists to maximize the space in a room. Creative changes are made to improve the traffic flow, alter perfunctory architecture, find creative ways to make use of lost space, and reorder the placement of furniture. Defining the use and needs of the room, selecting functional custom pieces that benefit the occupants, and designing a color story are part of the spatial planning process- resulting in a fresh, new look.

  • Coloration – Creating a color story for your home that updates and unifies the look of your walls, upholstery, and carpets is an inexpensive and effective way Designing Life adds beauty to your environment. This service brings a feel of harmony and refreshment.

  • Design Consult – Designing Life offers advice and recommendations for interior design projects that you wish to take on. Professional resources and next steps are given to homeowners who choose to tackle these undertakings and make purchases themselves.


Function & Order

Designing Life's professional team knows that well-folded towels, clothing hung in closets, effervescent bathrooms, empty sinks, and ridding your space of clutter bring a sense of calm to people living in a home. Therefore, we want to help you reduce, reorganize, recycle, and remove accumulated items, as well as develop systems that will refresh your home and provide a livable atmosphere where your family can thrive.

Establishing order can't solve all of life's problems, but it will give you the calm and time to focus on your family.

Designing Life helps clear a path for you to gain control of your home by providing services that include:

  • Behind the Scenes – Designing Life helps you organize those out-of-the way spaces that impact home efficiency and family sanity: the basement, attic, garage, closets, guest room, and laundry room. Find, clean, toss, donate, sell, recycle, and store define the process to get these areas functional and organized. Establishing efficient systems to keep up with daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and maintenance are included.

  • Kitchen Matters – Designing Life organizes pantries and cabinets, establishes cleaning routines and methods that work with a tight schedule. Quick & efficient menu planning/food shopping, functional use of space and traffic flow are assessed and practical solutions suggested.

  • Better Business – Designing Life will create a home office, filing and mail system, establish storage for office supplies, eliminate piles, and tweak your furniture layout for efficiency.

  • Better Bath – Designing Life creates storage solutions for makeup, toiletries, towels, and all bathroom essentials, as well as refreshes this space with quick cleaning methods and new bath accessories that give a feeling of newness.

  • Sacred Spaces – Functionality and tranquility in bedrooms and the family room are essential, since these spaces are settings for individual time and group interaction. Designing Life helps to achieve these ends by de-cluttering, creating efficient and artistic furniture layouts, developing a daily routine for home upkeep, and creating practical and attractive storage solutions.

  • Managing Mayhem – Designing Life creates practical daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual schedules and programs that provides solutions, methods, and techniques to run your home and life more efficiently. Instruction includes menu planning, laundry, budgeting and saving, family etiquette, home maintenance, and cleaning.



Interior Design

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Function & Order

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