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Style & Beauty

Your authentic beauty emerges as you get to know yourself better, value who you are, and recognize that you are responsible for your own well-being. Taking care of yourself inside and outside matters. This is where Designing Life comes in; we recognize and enhance the beauty that you naturally possess- your captivating physical attributes combined with your unique personality- to create a more refined and happy You.

Through our one-on-one consults you will discover your personal style and develop a refined eye that guides you in choosing clothing, makeup, and hairstyles that reflect a better you.

Designing Life offers you five distinct style and beauty services that personally enhance, transform, and rejuvenate:

  • Wardrobe Planning - Understanding our client is the foundation of building a wardrobe that works. Designing Life refines your wardrobe through private and friendly consults that assess your current clothing style, personality, lifestyle, and physique. With this knowledge, Designing Life edits and builds a stylish working wardrobe by purchasing fashion forward clothing that fits and works well with existing pieces and basic “must haves”- resulting in a look of effortless chic. The best colors, proper sizing, and a list of essential fashion pieces are determined for you, along with a Look Book that reminds and guides you on how to maximize your wardrobe and accessorize so that your signature style and an air of confidence are reflected.

  • Private Client Styling - Designing Life takes care of the entire person by designing a plan that transforms you from top to bottom. A close and honest look at your hair, skin, make-up, wardrobe, posture, figure, and body language are assessed to determine the changes that need to be made to bring forth the best You. After the initial consultation, Designing Life presents a beauty program that sets in motion a lifestyle regimen for a refreshed and refined look. Closet editing and personal shopping are included with nutrition and beauty assistance, as well as a Look Book containing all the mix-and-match options in your wardrobe. This process takes place in a client’s home with a number of regularly scheduled appointments.

  • Personal Shopping - Designing Life accompanies you shopping in order to complete your working wardrobe by purchasing a few new pieces from the current season's line or selecting the perfect accessory for that special occasion. If you prefer, Designing Life can be your exclusive shopper and present our “finds” to you. Either way, what's achieved are the perfect pieces, hanging in a well-organized closet, ready to be worn by a more fashionable You. (Also offered are clothing updates, which are shipped to you every season- assuring you of an up-to-date look.)

  • Professional Dress - Confidence during a job interview is paramount. Designing Life knows this and works with you to create a look that's right for the job you are interviewing for. Personal shopping, hair and makeup assessment, and extra attention to the details (shoes, proper fit, accessories, eyewear) are offered with Designing Life's professional styling service. Business etiquette and tips for presenting a polished demeanor are included.

  • The Face & Body - Good skin, healthy hair, the right makeup, and a fit physique- it's all important when choosing to be the best for yourself and others. Designing Life offers personalized consultations with recommendations for achieving a healthier lifestyle. Trusting in the advice and talents of the Designing Life skin, hair, and fitness team, you will go from ordinary to fabulous. Learning how to incorporate a daily program of good nutrition, exercise, and time for yourself is possible and produces life-changing results.

Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance is about defining your values, prioritizing with discernment, and navigating the challenges and responsibilities of daily life with serenity and contentment.

Designing Life creates a customized program for a balanced life:

  • Better Balance - Designing Life helps you journey life's episodic course by designing a tailor-made, strategic plan based upon your responsibilities, values, and goals. Your personalized plan of action will prioritize your day, set short and long-term objectives, and keep you focused on the end result. Prioritizing and accountability will help you transition between your professional, family, and social spheres with ease and calm.


Family Matters

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Valuing your family is essential to personal and collective happiness and is foundational for building loving relationships that last a lifetime. Designing Life offers guidelines and practical suggestions that help keep kindness, care, and commitment growing within a family. In a hectic world, a family needs to spend time together and show they care with deeds of service and affection.

Designing Life offers practical guides, suggestions, and consultations that help keep families healthy and happy:

  • Inviting Refuge - Designing Life is all about creating a welcoming home where people have the opportunity and the space to connect, communicate, collaborate, and show they care. Designing Life studies the public areas of the home and the needs of the family and then makes practical suggestions to transform these spaces into warm, people-centric environments where memories are made.

  • Holiday Traditions - Designing Life believes in designing a life generous in style and filled with great times - placing extra importance on holidays and family traditions celebrated throughout the year. Special foods, favorite recipes, decorations, gifts, festive clothing, favorite music, and the magical anticipation of each holiday help fill these occasions with splendor and beauty. Designing Life listens to what's important to your family and offers a comprehensive package of activities, menus, projects, and ideas that transform holidays and traditions into exceptional moments and family feasts.


Style & Beauty


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