take a look at FEAR of GOD

Fear of God is a unique clothing line that's offering younger customers some very cool fashion options. With only a few seasons behind him, Jerry Lorenzo has created a variety of separates and footwear that are flying out the door of better retailers- And, where preordering is often the only way to get an item.

Lorenzo's line fills a fashion void especially for people under 30. It's inspired clothing- created with purpose, meaning and is described as a high-end brand with street swagger... a cross between a 90's look, grunge, hip-hop, vintage, Americana, classic, athletic.

His designs are the pieces that you need and the pieces that work well with what you already have.

Fear of God finds a home in better retailers, usually in the guys' departments- but the line offers some great unisex pieces that women can feel comfortable wearing.

Waiting for the next collection- in the meantime checkout this short video featuring the innovative clothing from designer Jerry Lorenzo.

How Lorenzo sees his line